WCUSD #5 often receives requests from other organizations to distribute information to students. The Virtual Backpack will provide users with a site to access information from non-profit organizations, intergovernmental agencies, and business partners. Letters, flyers, fundraiser notices, etc. will be posted on the website under virtual backpack.

All requests to post information on the Virtual Backpack must be approved by the superintendent. Groups that wish to post information should first email a PDF of the flyer to Deana Batson (deana@wcusd5.net) at least two weeks prior to the desired posting date. Please include a short description, desired grade range, and posting dates in your email. Once the flyer has been approved by the superintendent, you will receive an email confirmation and be notified your flyer will be posted on the Virtual Backpack.

Dental Safari (paper flyer/registration, online registration): K - 12th (posted 10/6 - 4/21)

WCP St. Paddy's Day 5k Registration Flyer: K - 12th (posted 1/21 - 3/19)

St. Louis Steamers Spring Soccer League: K - 3rd (posted 1/14 - 3/15)

WCUSD#5 Science Fair: K- 1 2th (posted 10/4 - 2/27)

Waterloo Singers Company: K-5th (posted 12/16 - 1/28)