Concussion Protocol - ImPACT Testing

At WHS, we use the ImPACT test to help us manage our concussion protocol.  Here is some basic info:

What is the ImPACT test?

ImPACT, an FDA cleared online tool for baseline and post-injury testing, measures visual and verbal memory, reaction time, and processing speed to help determine if a patient (ages 12-59) can safely return to activity.

Who administers the baseline test?

Our awesome athletic trainer, Anna Casaleggi, will administer the ImPACT baseline test to all incoming freshmen.  Student athletes will also take a second baseline test when they are juniors.

What does it do?

If a student has been diagnosed with a concussion or there is suspicion of a concussion, a student takes a post-injury test that shows if a student is functioning below their established baseline levels or not.  We have all freshmen take the baseline test so that if they do sustain a head injury, whether in athletics, a fall at home, or even being involved in a car accident, they will have a recorded baseline.  While in the concussion protocol, a student will be given another post-injury test once symptoms are improving or going away to determine if they are returning to baseline levels.

We use this system for students in the protocol to both "return to learn" and "return to play."  Anna will schedule times for teams to take the test as needed.  She will also work with PE classes to get all freshmen who are not playing a fall sport.  If you are registering an incoming freshman and would like to have them take the baseline test at registration on July 8th, Anna will be here during registration hours (11-4 & 5-7) to administer the online test.  If you have any questions, please email me at or Anna at

Mitch North

WCUSD #5 Athletic Director