Instructions for Graduating Seniors 2019

Instructions for Graduating Seniors (2019)

May 9th Clearance forms issued in the main hallway before school.
 Clearance forms completed for Library
 Clearance forms completed for Main Office

May 13th 1st day of Senior Exams
 Clearance form completed for Early Bird and 8th hour classes

May 14th 2nd day of Senior Exams
 Clearance form completed for 2nd,4th and 7th hour classes
 Clearance forms completed for Cafeteria- 8th hour
 NOTE: CAFETERIA WILL NOT sign and clear you until 8th hour! You must
have a signed note from a parent to receive any money from your cafeteria
account for $15.00 or more. Amounts less than that will be issued to

May 15th 3rd day of Senior Exams
 Clearance form completed for 1st, 3rd and 5th hour classes
 Clearance forms completed for locker inspection. (AT 10:35)
 NOTE: Lockers will be inspected by Administration. They will sign off on your
clearance form at that time.
After 5th hour, report to the auditorium for a brief meeting. This is a Mandatory
meeting and you must have your clearance form with you.
After the meeting, the counselors will check your CLEARANCE FORM and clear you
for graduation. Check-outs will be in the Auditorium only! No early check-outs!
When your clearance form is COMPLETED you will then receive your cap/gown.
If you have not already purchased the cap and gown, contact Jostens at 618-654-
1001. The current price for a cap and gown is $30.00 To avoid extra fees, please place
an order soon. If paying by cash or check please have the exact amount. Checks can
be made out to Jostens.
After receiving your cap/gown – YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO LEAVE SCHOOL AS

May 17th Commencement PRACTICE will be in the gymnasium at 9:00 a.m. SHARP!
CCSI students must attend practice

May 19th Commencement PROGRAM will be in the gymnasium at 3:00 p.m. Meet in the highschool auditorium at 2:00 p.m.
Seating is available on a first come first serve basis. Please keep this in mind when inviting family and friends.

Dress for Commencement
Graduates should wear dark shoes. Boys please wear dark trousers, white shirts and dark ties.
Girls may wear suitable dresses, skirts or dress slacks.
Do not wear corsages or jewelry on the gowns. Gum chewing is not permitted. Caps should be worn with tassels on the right side. This is a dignified program commemorating an important event in your lives. Walk with pride!

Graduation Requirements
All fines, fees and other obligations MUST be met. That includes any announcements ordered from Jostens. 

Only seniors who have met all graduation requirements (credits and obligations) may
participate in the commencement program.