Band is open to students who have chosen to select an instrument, take the lessons provided at school, practice at home to improve their skills, and want to represent Waterloo Junior High School in the Fine Arts. A sixth grade band and the seventh/eighth grade band will play for assemblies and some basketball games. Students will learn how to march, participate in contests, and give concerts. Commitment is important when selecting this class as an elective.

Students who enjoy singing and performing may want to consider participating in chorus. While there are no tryouts, space may be limited. Students practice daily during the school day and have two to three evening performances throughout the school year.

Drama Club
Any student who enjoys acting, singing, painting, drawing, sewing, typing, organizing, building, or running sound and lighting equipment should enjoy Drama Club. There are tryouts for drama club. Drama club puts on a play at Waterloo High School during the spring.

Pep Club
Students who want to support boys' and girls' basketball teams should join Pep Club. Members sit together and cheer at the games. They also have opportunities to work in the concession stand, make signs and posters to decorate the gym and hallways to promote school spirit.

Student Council
WJHS Student Council consists of four offices, and one student representative for each study hall (9th hour). Officers are elected in the spring and attend the IAJHSC Leadership Camp for one week. The council participates in the following areas: student services, student involvement, and community service. The council, a member of the Illinois Association of Junior High Student Councils, actively participates in the Advisor's Workshop, Southwest District Fall Workshop, State Wide Service Project, and the IAJHSC State Convention.

Staff members meet every week after school to prepare the annual WJHS yearbook. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students who have at least a B average in language arts or a recommendation from a teacher may apply. The staff selects pictures, designs pages, interviews people, and writes copy for the yearbook .

Chess Club
Chess club provides an opportunity for students to improve their chess skills during an after school club. All students are welcome to participate. There is also a competitive component of the club in which 12 students are selected to represent WJHS in matches against other conference schools.

Scholar Bowl
Students interested in showcasing their knowledge about a variety of topics might want to consider trying out for the Scholar Bowl team. Our Scholar Bowl team competes against teams from other conferences.