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Daily Bulletin

March 4th, 2024



General Announcements

 Congratulations to the Academic Challenge in Engineering and Science, or ACES team as they earned a sectional championship on Friday. To compete, students take two 40-minute multiple choice tests in a variety of subjects deemed important to science and engineering. These subjects are: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics. This group will showcase their academic talents in the state competition in April.

Another big congratulation to the Science Olympiad team This past weekend the WHS Science Olympiad team competed in the Regional Competition along with 12 other area high schools. The Olympiad team finished FIRST place overall, advancing to the state competition to be held April 20th at the University of Illinois. Every student on the Science Olympiad team placed in the top three in at least one event. First place varsity winners include: Juno Zdroj, Liam Martin, Iris Adkins, Jaime Tyson, Madison Jones, Gavin Littlejohn, Justin Witt, Hailey Francis, Josh Gerfen, Andrew Aubuschon, and Emily Lepp. First place junior varsity winners include: Norah Kettler, Cael Guenther, Garrett Schimpf, Lennon Hanlin, Claire Arnold, Nick Gerfen, and Garrett Stratton.


Anatomy and Physiology: Varsity (5th) Iris Adkins, Jaime Tyson


Astronomy: Varsity (1st) Juno Zdroj, Liam Martin


Code busters: Varsity (1st) Iris Adkins, Jaime Tyson


Chemistry Lab: Varsity (1st) Madison Jones, Gavin Littlejohn


Detector Builder: Varsity (4th) Sammie Eaton, Liv Stephens


Disease Detectives: Junior Varsity (1st) Norah Kettler


Dynamic Planet: Varsity (2nd) Sammie Eaton, Liv Stephen


Junior Varsity (2nd) Garrett Stratton, Tristan Flaspohler


Ecology: Varsity (5th) Justin Witt, Josh Gerfen


Junior Varsity (1st) Cael Guenther, Garrett Schimpf


Experimental Design: Varsity (5th) Madison Jones, Dylan Brewer, Gavin Littlejohn


Fermi: Varsity (1st) Justin Witt, Gavin Littlejohn


Forensics: Varsity (2nd) Jadyn Hensiek, Liv Stephens


Junior Varsity (2nd) Claire Arnold


Forestry: Varsity (1st) Hailey Francis


Junior Varsity (1st) Lennon Hanlin


Fossils: Varsity (5th) Andrew Aubuschon, Juno Zdroj


Geological Mapping: Varsity (3rd) Iris Adkins


Microbe Mission: Junior Varsity (2nd) Claire Arnold


Optics: Varsity (5th) Andrew Aubuschon, Emily Lepp


Wind Power: Varsity (4th) Justin Witt, Josh Gerfen


Write It/Do It: Varsity (3rd) Dylan Brewer, Justin Witt


Junior Varsity (1st) Norah Kettler, Claire Arnold


Flight: Varsity (1st) Josh Gerfen, Justin Witt


Junior Varsity (1st) Norah Kettler, Nick Gerfen


Robot: Junior Varsity (1st) Garrett Stratton


Scrambler: Varsity (1st) Madison Jones, Gavin Littlejohn


Tower: Varsity (1st) Andrew Aubuschon, Emily Lepp



Please sign up on the guidance website for college visits:


University of Missouri @ Kansas City March 5th




Toasted Ravioli/Marinara or Cheeseburger

Salad Bar: Lasagna Roll Ups