WJHS Fundraiser!

WJHS Fundraiser

Waterloo Tumblers (& other designs)

We have officially kicked off our fundraiser for the 2019-2020 school year!  Funds raised will be used to increase technology in classrooms and support student incentives.  

All money and order forms are due on or before August 30th.  Students will be coming home with a packet today, or you can view an electronic copy here.  Details for the fundraiser are below:

Price: $25 each

Options: Waterloo Bulldogs, Blues, Blackhawks, Mizzou, Sporting KC, Cardinals, White Sox, Cubs, Royals, and other #momlife designs!

Payment: cash or checks made payable to WJHS

Due Date: August 30th

Prizes: sell 5: Waterloo T-shirt, sell 15: Waterloo Hoodie, sell 40: Nike ID Shoes, Visa gift card prizes for top 3 in the school!

Sizes: Waterloo Tumblers: 30oz, Sports Teams: 20oz, others: 12oz