The 6th grade boys basketball will meet in the cafe during Study Hall.

Students: the items in the cafeteria lost and found will be donated to charity or thrown away on Wed., Dec. 20th. The shelves and hooks are full of lunchboxes, water bottles, school materials, and tons of clothing. Make sure you collect anything that belongs to you by Wednesday!

The next behavior incentive runs from Dec. 6 - Dec. 20. Students who do NOT receive a referral during this time will be invited to participate in our 2nd annual Holiday Trivia Showdown during study hall on Dec. 20. Anyone who earns a referral during this time will not be eligible to participate in the activity, so make good decisions and follow expectations!

Trait of the Month Quote: "The respect you show to others is an immediate reflection of your self respect".

Wednesday, December 20 - Ugly Sweater Day